Accurate assembly is all about quality. Quality processes, quality communication, quality expectations not only met, but exceeded. You take pride in your products and we take pride in the satisfaction of a job well done. Whether you need fine art framed with unique, custom specs or a run of 10,000 units re-labeled, we are confident in our ability to say “YES, we can produce a quality product for you.”


So you bought a new laptop last week and it came in the mail today packaged all nicely within a little box. Inside that box there was a laptop, a battery, an A/C adapter, a manual, and maybe a few other miscellaneous items. Did you know that after hitting the purchase button online there was a process that happened behind the scenes called kitting and assembly? This process is what got all those wonderful and correct parts into your box, and if you own a business of any kind you may need help in this area as well.

Kitting and assembly is the process of taking separate but related items and grouping and packaging them together as one unit. Kitting can be an effective way to cut production costs in manufacturing and reduce labor time and expenses in distribution and retail. Oftentimes companies will send bulk products to us at Propeller, Inc. to assemble and prepare retail packaging for them.

A few examples of items we’ve performed Kitting & Assembly for in the past include:

  • Food supplements
  • Toys
  • Software
  • Computer hardware
  • Audio/video cables
  • and more!

This means we can include retail packaging information such as labeling and instruction sheets that might need to be added to your packaging. We can take any array of items needed to be assembled and package them in a way that will provide service to the customer and ensure durability throughout travel.

Attention technology companies! Propeller, Inc. is even experienced enough to install hard drives and optical drives into external enclosures. Our professionals use precision and a careful hand to ensure all technological pieces are properly packaged with our Kitting & Assembly process so they won’t become damaged during travel.

Why outsource? Oftentimes companies don’t have the equipment at their own facilities to do their own kitting and assembly, or the equipment they do have doesn’t do the job the way they’d like it to. We’ve got many kitting and assembly machines and a team of professionals to run them all.

Another reason companies outsource is because they don’t have the staff to get the job done, or the money to hire new people. Some companies may feel like it is more important to focus their energies elsewhere in production. If that’s the case, then Propeller, Inc. is the place for you.


  • Project management

  • Asset recovery/ decommissioning / recycling

  • Refurbishment

  • Experienced, flexible, scalable staff

  • Experience with multiple products

  • Quality control/quality assurance

  • Product testing

  • Sourcing

  • Building small or large quantities

  • Experience with steel, wood, corrugate


  • Check weigher

  • Powder filling machine

  • Labelers

  • Coders

  • Shrink wrappers

  • Variable speed conveyors

  • Hot glue machine

  • Shrink bander

  • Stretch wrappers

  • Volume or weight filling capabilities

  • Anti-Static control

  • Carton Sealers