Why Choose Propeller, Inc.?

Whether you are a startup company or an established corporation, we can help. We have the experience to get you up and running and to provide a seamless integration with your daily operations.

You have expectations, and we strive to exceed them. Your satisfaction is our goal. We create custom solutions that benefit you and your company. You can focus on sales and production, and we will take care of distribution and overhead. You can reduce your employee training and business interruptions by relying on our services.

We employ classic “big picture” tactics to work efficiently. We create comprehensive, real-time reports that are online and easily accessible. Our proven processes ensure accuracy and productivity. We are constantly improving our techniques and distribution channels. We do all we can in order to fulfill your orders. We are centrally located for your convenience in shipping and accessibility.

Our Services


At last, there is a storage solution where you only pay for what you use. Is your business seasonal? Do you store one pallet this month and 1,000 the next?

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Returns can be a hassle.  Propeller, Inc. can receive, process, store and manage your returns inventory.

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Propeller, Inc. wants to make sure you have the information you need to run your business.  We can do reports on raw goods, WIPs, finished goods, available-to-promise, shipped orders, etc.

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Order processing just got easier. Propeller, Inc. can take your orders in any form “web, phone, fax, email, and EDI” and get them shipped efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Cost Savings

We can help you find a custom solution for your project.  Let us worry about brick and mortar overhead, while you use only the services you need.

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