What is 3PL?

What is 3PL? A 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provides outsourced logistic services, The term is rather broad and generally applies to the storing or shipping of goods.

There are two types of 3PL, Asset Based & Non-Asset Based. Asset Based 3PL’s have the infrastructure to handle the physical requirements of a logistics operation, such as Order Fulfillment, Inventory, Pick & Pack and Shipping. Non-Asset based 3PL provides the network of brokers, vendors & carriers to ship goods between multiple locations, such as freight forwarding & freight brokerage. Many 3PL’s have attributes in both Asset Based & Non-Asset based logistics.

Who needs a 3PL (third party logistics)?

Most successful companies are good at Sales & Marketing, a 3PL is good at handling your logistical and fulfillment needs. You lack the resources, capital or infrastructure to run your own fulfillment & logistics operations. It takes a lot of time to handle your own logistics, fulfillment & shipping, Having a 3PL as your logistics provider helps you focus on what keeps your business running.

Propeller is not just another 3PL.

Propeller, Inc. is a full-service 3PL providing order processing, warehousing, shipping, kitting and assembly, packaging, invoicing (including EDI), returns management and materials procurement. Our staff are your employees, Propeller has the expertise to keep your fulfillment process running smoothly. With Propeller, you can use our shipping volume and our relationship with vendors & carriers to provide cost savings to you.