Public & Private Warehousing

At last, there is a storage solution where you only pay for what you use. Is your business seasonal? Do you store one pallet this month and 1,000 the next? Do you need a landing spot for a container inbound from overseas? Reclaim your freedom and square footage – call us and we will load, transport, store, and deliver your surplus inventory, excess equipment, or trade show booth. Do you need a place to store your merchandise or do you require a landing spot for your overseas shipments? Propeller, Inc. offers top-grade warehousing.

Warehousing Landing Pad

Propeller, Inc. will receive and unload your shipping container, sort and palletize the product, send you a receipt of goods, store your product and deliver your product or products to your current operation. Let us do the work, while you save time, space and money.


At Propeller, Inc. quality assurance begins with the right people and the proper understanding of what quality means to the customer. We start with hiring quality individuals and putting them through an extensive cross- training program. We train all of our staff to believe that “Our clients’ customers are our customers.” The question is always asked, “Is this order packaged and processed well-enough to be used on a family member?”


Our Services

  • Product rotation

  • Zoning of warehouse to ensure efficient movement of product

  • Inventory of product if desired

  • Secure inventory

  • Short or long term storage

  • Local pick-up and delivery available

  • Rack storage

  • Bulk storage

  • Temporary and Seasonal Spikes/Overflow Programs

  • Medical Storage

  • Vendor Inventory Storage