Whether you simply need your merchandise packaged, or you need the packaging designed, at Propeller, Inc. we can do both. Your package must be terrific . Ask us about our free packaging prototype program.

As the market is getting more and more competitive, satisfying your customers’ demands is really challenging. As your products go through various stages of productions, from raw materials to transformation into goods and from quality control to provisions of goods to the customers, successful supply chain requires tailored strategies to each customer and product in their portfolio. Minimize risks and boost profitability with solutions from Propeller, Inc.

After failing to meet the sales’ targets and goals, companies realize that their final step before delivering goods to customers suffers inefficiencies. Packaging plays an important role in supply chain management. To improve supply chain performance, companies need to come up with practical and appealing packaging solutions. Packaging that lacks visual appeal turns out to waste companies’ spending. Packaging is the first thing that captures customers’ attentions. This means that packaging design must be visually appealing and informative enough to engage customers. On the other hand, packaging that is expensive, fragile, and complex will slow down processing and delivery times to customers. The logistic department wants packaging that is easy to move and store. Packaging with unconventional shapes will cost the company money and time. Thus, companies are looking for packaging solutions that meet both demands of design and logistics.


To improve your packaging efficiency and productivity, professional packaging engineers will help you evaluate your current packaging design and shape. The engineers will use a list of criteria to come up with the best solution for your packaging:

  • Product and package space utilization
  • Optimal package weight
  • Packaging processes that minimize material, labor, logistics, warehouse and damage costs
  • Package materials
  • Customers’ satisfaction


  • Is your packaging process close to retailers and customers? The closer your packaging process is, the less money you have to spend on transportation and shipping.
  • Usually, packaging decisions require the cooperation of various teams including marketing, manufacturing, logistics, R&D, and a supply chain team. Make sure each team contributes to the decision-making process and uses ideas that are relevant to your goals and objectives.
  • Take advantage of new technology. New technology allows business to boost profitability by increasing productivity and getting rid of inefficiencies. However, new technology requires businesses to abandon technology that has been commonly used. Employees tend to resist new technology because they are afraid of changes and risks. As a result, it is important to know what technology you should adapt to your packaging process, and when is appropriate to adapt.
  • Consultations

  • Custom "one off" or volume solutions

  • POP display design in wood, plastic, or metal

  • Corrugated boxes

  • Paper boxes

  • Lot coding

  • Custom barcoding and labeling

  • Sourcing supplies

  • Purchasing boxes and supplies

  • Shrink wrapping and bundling

  • Green packaging/environmentally friendly

  • Turnkey solutions