Cost Savings

Cost Savings with Propeller, Inc.

Save money for your business by using third-party logistics and fulfillment services from Propeller, Inc. and reap cost savings. Do not let your business lose money. With Propeller, Inc. you can find even more advice on cost savings for Warehousing, Logistics & Packaging.  Contact us today to get set up for continual success with our consultants.

How to reap cost savings with Propeller, Inc.

Propeller, Inc. can offload your logistics and shipping needs by locating your products in our warehouse.  We manage and inventory the product that awaits shipping. Additional cost savings can be made when you have kitting and assembly of your products done with Propeller, Inc.  Sometimes even the initial manufacturing and sourcing of material can be done with us.  By consolidating your expenditures to the company that ultimately sends your product to your customers, you remove multiple links from your product’s supply chain increasing your cost savings.  When you team up with Propeller, Inc you have an entire logistics staff at your disposal, with the cost savings of not having to hire a product manger or warehouse team, or provide a  location and capital.

  • Custom solution for your project

  • Let us worry about brick and mortar overhead

  • Use only the services you need, you tell us

  • We are your employees, you are the director of operations

  • Use our volume to save money

  • Efficient solutions to increase your customer’s satisfaction

  • Proven processes

  • Give us your problems; let us worry about employee sick days

  • Comprehensive, real-time, online reporting capabilities

  • Local Deliveries with Propeller‘s employees and Propeller’s equipment