Selling a product is the main goal of a business, but some business owners may not realize how important the retail packaging design is. Putting time and effort into retail package design can help improve the sales and consumer loyalty of the product.

Retail package design draws in customers. Because consumers are constantly taking in different advertisements, logos and brands on TV, social media or billboards, your product needs to grab their attention immediately. A consumer at a grocery store scans the shelves in 20 seconds, and in that 20 seconds.  Because the time window is so limited, it is important to have good retail packaging design.

Here are some tips on how to improve your retail package design:

Less is more

The brain reacts to different colors. Too many colors, however, are cause our brain to become overloaded, so it is important to remember that when it comes to color, less is more. White is a great choice because can easily complement just about any color.  Many times your product will help determine the colors to use in retail package design. For example, green is often associated with eco-friendly and energy efficient. Many people relate blue to loyalty and unity.  Yellows can boost the consumer’s mood. Be sure to know what colors you are choosing to make the most of your retail package design.

Portray your brand image

The retail package can be used as a good marketing tool. Retail package design is the first contact with the consumer. The packaging will send the message of what the product is being used for. The retail package design is important because it has the ability to change the consumer’s mind from just thinking about purchasing to actually purchasing it. When designing your packaging, make sure to ask yourself if the packaging suppose to portray a fun, professional, or environmental message? Be sure the packaging speaks about the brand.

Make it different

Everyday brands are demanding consumer’s attention. Make your retail packaging stand out and find a create way to make your product packaging different. One way to make retail packaging design stand out is by using a different shape. Don’t use the generic shape of packaging, but instead create something different. At Propeller Inc, we can help you create the perfect retail packaging design.

Retail packaging design can gain new consumers and retain loyal consumers.  Be sure to know how to best design your retail packages and create a way for your product to stand out. Check out this infographic that explains more about how retail package design affects the consumer’s buying decisions.


Infographic that explains why retail packaging design is so important.