Propeller inc redesign

Propeller, Inc. Website Redesign


Propeller, Inc.’s New Website Design

Propeller, Inc. has redesigned its website! With the latest redesign potential customers can find the information they need to make an informed decision on the services Propeller, Inc. offers.

The Redesign implements a focus on Propeller’s Warehousing, Fufillment, Kitting and Assembly services. The logic here is to provide our clients and future customers a better understanding on the services we offer. Our services are the driving force of Propeller! With this in mind we listed the services on the front page with buttons for the visitor if they want to read more about the service.


Whats New

Our Portfolio was added to show off our past work in Displays & Packaging. Propeller is proud of our work we have done in the past, Take a look at what Propeller has to offer by browsing the portfolio and learning about the services rendered for each project.

Propeller, Inc. is a full-service 3PL providing order processing, warehousing, shipping, kitting and assembly, packaging, invoicing (including EDI), returns management and materials procurement. Propeller was founded in 1991. For close to 25 years we have been providing exceptional services in warehousing, distribution, and assembly services. Propeller, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Earl and Julie Christensen to distribute portable computer components.

Old Design:

Old Propeller Inc Website Design, which has no clear focus on our warehousing services

New Design:

Redesign of the Propeller, Inc homepage. This has a focus on our Warehousing services