storing finished components for store display and shipping fulfillment

Order Fulfillment Management in Action

Fulfillment of a Client’s Needs

This client came to Propeller, Inc. with a strong product and a number of obstacles, as many clients do. They wanted to know if we could successfully deliver both their goods and their displays to an international retail location, eliminate their current damaged product issues and create an inviting display allowing for bilingual brand recognition, while allowing store associates a quick, easy display setup without the need for instructions or tools. This is where our order fulfillment management system helped fulfill our client’s needs.


Order Fulfillment Management in Action

We came up with a solid yet stylish solution to put our order fulfillment management system in action. With the custom designed packaging, Propeller’s solution sent the product safely overseas to the retail floor. We then had store associates simply remove a few components, while leaving the product on the shipping pallet, and the whole assembly became the actual display.

With 44 sq.ft. of advertising space, we were able to provide the brand with an eye-catching way to reach their customers, as well as deliver an easy, clean, hassle free set-up solution for the store associates involved. This was a multi-issue project that resulted in a win for everyone, thanks to our Provo fulfillment system.

The client has had resounding success with this project and couldn’t be happier. Let Propeller, Inc. help with your next project. We provide warehousing, fulfillment, kitting & assembly services to meet your needs. We can help you during the early stages of product development, assemble & kit your product to be shipped by us for the fulfillment of your orders.