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Featured Project: MOBILE 3D FACE SCANNER


Propeller Inc. prides itself on being a successful  fulfillment company in Provo, and we have a great example of a fulfillment project we worked on. We were commissioned to build a Mobile cabinet for 3D Face scanning equipment. The project started at our Provo fulfillment location with an initial whiteboard sketch that underwent refinements until a wire-frame was built in CAD software. With the refinements completed in the Computer Model, we created a cardboard mock up to review the display with the customer. After all adjustments had been made to the project, the computer model was then blueprinted in our Provo fulfillment warehouse and sent to the fabricator.

At the fabricator, a metal prototype was then fabricated and assembled. The computer hardware was installed in the first prototype. After all tests were complete, we then made all necessary updates to the Computer model, and sent the final blueprint to the fabricator. After the fabricator received the blueprint, they fabricated the final assembly components. After we received the raw components at our Provo fulfillment location, we proceeded with the assembly of the ordered displays.

The 3D face scanning equipment was provided by the customer. Their hardware uses an RGB camera and depth sensor running proprietary software, which provide 3D capture and facial recognition. A high-end DSLR is then used to capture a high resolution image of the user’s face. The customer’s software then merges the data together to provide a 3D model to be used in custom action figure manufacturing.

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