Shipping and Warehousing with Propeller, Inc.



There are many companies who are primarily in the business of selling a product. Their profits are based on the amount of sales that are processed. There is another aspect to this kind of business: distribution. Distribution is necessary to keeping your business alive and ensuring customer satisfaction. In an ideal world, such companies would only focus on the sales aspect without having to oversee the means of distribution. For most companies, this ideal world has yet to become a reality. Enter Propeller Inc.

As your shipping company in Utah, we have the means to assist you with all of your distribution needs. With our services, you’ll be able to focus on sales and expanding your business; we will take care of the headaches that occur with shipping issues. You can be assured that your shipments will not only be prompt, but also cost-effective. Propeller Inc. offers a variety of shipping methods depending on the shipment. Whether you need to ship by land, air, rail, or sea, we’ve got you covered. We can ship to another store location, distribution center, or directly to the consumer. We will work with you to create a custom shipping and receiving process that will most benefit your business.

Our employees are rigorously trained to be able to handle all the complications that you would normally face when dealing with shipping. If you are concerned with Customs and are not familiar with those regulations, don’t worry, our team has the expertise required when dealing with Customs on your international shipments. We will inspect each shipment to ensure that order and product accuracy. We have a number of shipping services available to you:

  • Affordable In-House Regional Delivery
  • Import and Export Services
  • Expedited and Overnight Delivery
  • Carrier Integration with FedEx, UPS, and USPS
  • Order Status, Shipping, and Tracking
  • Real-time Web Based Reporting
  • And So Much More!

We have been in business for over twenty years and our experience in volume shipping will result in discounted shipping rates for you and your business.



We have nearly 75,000 square feet of available storage space. Perhaps you have a business that offers seasonal merchandise that requires it to be stored for the majority of the year. That kind of stock can take up large amounts of space that could easily be used for more necessary storage. You can relieve the amount of overstock by utilizing our vast storage capabilities. Perhaps your storage space is simply not sufficient for your needs; we have the storage you need. We are very accommodating and only charge you for the space you use. We will also handle the loading and transportation of your storage for you. The following list provides the services included when you hire Propeller Inc. for your storage needs:

  • Product Rotation
  • Inventory of Product If Desired
  • Short or Long Term Storage
  • Local Pickup and Delivery Available
  • Excess Inventory
  • Quarantined Inventory
  • Rack Storage
  • Bulk Storage
  • Container Receipts

We will also sort and palletize any goods that you wish. Let us do the work while you save space, time, and money. Experience the relief and increased revenue that will come as a result of working with Propeller Inc.

Daily Operations Integration

One of Propeller Warehouse’s many services is the ability to synchronize a company’s software system with our order fulfillment management utilities. Our Provo third-party logistics it is important that our clients to be able to access their data and progression at all times.

When requested, Propeller Warehouse will sync our organized data management software with your system so that you are always aware of the status of your orders. You can have your orders sent from your website’s shopping carts or accounting systems directly to our system. Our order fulfillment management system then processes the information and begin the procedures of kitting, packaging, and shipping. Our system then reports back to you all pertinent information, including tracking numbers, shipping methods, remaining open orders, back orders, and current inventory levels.

Our operations integration system deals primarily with orders, but we can also implement the same procedure for other similar processes: assembly, pick-ups and deliveries, retail packaging design, and virtually any process that needs to be tracked, monitored, and reported. Let our order fulfillment management system focus on organization and numbers, so you can focus more on growing your business and sales.

Managing distribution logistics can be very time-consuming and costly, especially when starting a business. That is why we recommend using our Provo third-party logistics system. Our system will improve the fluidity of your operations by enlisting the help of a third-party group to process, store, package, and ship orders. Allow our extensive facilities at Propeller Warehouse to manage your affairs and help your business become more efficient.

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