Warehousing Employee Water Bottles

propeller employee water bottle

Custom Made Water Bottles by 350Swag for our Warehouse

Our friends from 350Swag.com created a set of custom bottles for Propeller’s Staff! Each bottle has the Propeller Logo and the employee’s name laser etched on each bottle. Propeller provides fulfillment, warehousing and other various services for 350Swag.com.

What stands 350Swag.com out from other bottle companies is the ability to Customize every single bottle. Lets say you have a company party, you could put the company logo on one side and then every one of your employees names on the other. No other company will do that for you at the prices they offer. Each bottle then becomes a completely unique gift and will stand out among generic competition.

Propeller, an Integral part of your Supply chain

Propeller, Inc. has the connections to get your product from the planning stages to your customers by giving you access to our suppliers & vendors. We provide Warehousing for your raw materials and finished products. Logistics to source from your vendors and to ship to your end customers, Kitting & Assembly so you can develop your product to its fullest potential.

With our warehousing, we are able to provide a landing pad for your materials and products, so that you can use our centrally located warehouse to distribute and develop your products.

What is an ECT?

There are currently two tests in the industry that determine cardboard strength, represented by a round or sometimes square stamp on a flap of the box that shows the manufacturer follows the rules and regulations of the United States Commerce Commission. For a long time the accurate test for cardboard, or corrugated fiberboard, was the Mullens Burst Test. The Bursting Test is a measurement of the force required to puncture or rupture the face of the cardboard. Once a result is found the board gets a rating. A very common rating is 200#. The other test is relatively newer and in some cases is the preferable test.

The ECT or Edge Crush Test is a laboratory test that compresses a small piece of board edgewise between two plates until a peak force is reached. This is measured in pounds per inch (lb/in), but usually shown as an ECT value, for example 32 ECT.


A Mullens 200# and ECT 32 are widely viewed as being interchangeable. However they both have their advantages. Every fiberboard has a specific “Recipe” that effects the strength, weight, thickness, and other special properties. The Mullens test however requires that the stock meet certain weight requirements to achieve a higher rating. This gives you a more rugged box but at the cost of weighing more. The ECT has no such weight requirements but is held strictly to the crushing strength of the cardboard. This means that a manufacturer with a great “Recipe” and design can produce an ECT box as strong or stronger as a similar Mullens box, but also cutting the overall weight.