Now Hiring: Warehouse Assistant May 2015

Now Hiring: Warehouse Assistant

Propeller, Inc, is now hiring a Warehouse Assistant who would be responsible to receive all inbound product and ship all outbound orders. They are also responsible to assist with inventory counts and process RMA?s.

Propeller, Inc.
Provo, UT | Posted July 8, 2014

Job Description

Job Description: Shipping and Receiving Department
Hours: 8:30-5:30
Salary: DOE
Health and Dental Insurance after 30 days

General Overview:

Shipping and receiving employees are responsible to receive all inbound product and ship all outbound orders. They are also responsible to assist with inventory counts and process RMA?s.


  • Pick, Pack, and Ship customer orders according to account requirements
  • Receive all inbound shipments according to receiving procedure (includes unloading trucks, checking shipment, and filling out appropriate paperwork)
  • Process customer returns according to account requirements/follow procedure
  • Assist with first of the month inventory counts, report accurate numbers back to account managers for reconciliation.
  • Help to maintain a clean and organized warehouse (sweep, wipe down surfaces, crush cardboard boxes, label pallets with part # and quantity, put pallets away in racking up out of the aisles, etc)


  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Basic phone and email etiquette
  • Familiarity with FedEx Ship Manager and UPS World Ship
  • Familiarity routing/shipping freight orders
  • Forklift certification
  • Strong attention to detail

About Propeller

Propeller was founded in 1991. For almost 25 years we have been providing exceptional services in warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment.

Propeller, Inc. is a full-service 3PL providing order processing, warehousing, shipping, kitting and assembly, packaging, invoicing (including EDI), returns management and materials procurement.

Additional Information

Please email resume to [email protected]

2014 Recycling Achievement Award

Recycling Achievement Award!

How we got our Recycling Achievement Award

Recently we recycled over 25.93 tons of Corrugate and 9.5 tons of plastic over the years. Propeller is the the your green partner in fulfillment! By reducing waste and consumption we are able to keep costs down and pass the savings on to our customers! With Propeller you have the ability to use salvage boxes for shipping, Source boxes from ecologically sound suppliers and add recycling as an integral part of your supply train.

Recycling as Part of your Supply Chain

When Propeller recycles corrugate & plastic during the fulfillment process our customers can now claim that they recycle during fulfillment. Recycling just make sense, it saves Propeller in waste management costs and reduces our total waste bin space needed.